Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Having a 5 yr. old that claims to know it all already has alot of entertaining moments!!  It's so hard to keep track of every little moment, but as I can, I am going to post a few.  So, here are few from earlier this week and today!

One day on our way to school, she is looking at Cambryn in her carseat and says, "Momma, Cambryn is pretty adorable, I think we can keep her!"

Today on our way to school, the wind was blowing really hard and we talked about the trees moving back and forth and she informed me that her and her daddy were experts in trees and deer hunting.

Also, on the way to school this morning, we talked about tornadoes and she said she thought tornadoes were only in movies.  I told her no, that tornadoes are real and not just movies.  She then asked me, "Are you sure about that?"

She loves says to say "Well, actually..."  You just never know what she will stay next!!

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