Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the T-Ball Begin!!

Right after soccer season, t-ball season started.  Colleen was so excited to play t-ball!  She had watched her cousin Kayle, aka KK, play at many tournaments, she couldn't wait to play and be like her KK!  We had two practices before the first game and they were quite...entertaining.  I just knew the first game would be complete chaos, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Colleen and her team did great.  Colleen got a hit both times at bat, and both on her first swing.  She also got two scores.  I look forward to many more t-ball games!!

Since I mentioned Kayle, I found a picture of Kayle & Colleen that I just had to put together and make one picture out of!  It was just too perfect not too!!

Now to the fun part!  Below is a slideshow from the first t-ball game on 4-16-11!  Enjoy!!

Soccer Season Comes to an End

Well, since it has been a few weeks since I posted last, soccer season has finished up.  Colleen had a blast and watching her develop this season was a sight to see!  One of the parents told me that she should be given the award for "Most Improved Player" because she has really become a strong player!  I am posting the slideshows from her last two games and award ceremony below!  Enjoy!  I know I did!!

Pictures from game on 4-2-11

Pictures from game and awards on 4-9-11

It's a.....................................GIRL!!!

By now, you have probably heard that Russell and I have found out we are expecting another little princess!  We are thrilled!!  The doctor took lots of measurements and marked lots of things and determined that she is healthy!!  That is all that matters, right!  Colleen's little sister will be named Cambryn Ella Payne.  Cambryn was a name I came up after seeing the name Cambrie.  I was not real happy with the name ending in an "E" sound, with the middle name starting with an E, so I changed the end to a yn to come up with Cambryn.  Ella is a family name, after Russell's grandmother Ella Ruth.  When Russell and I had Colleen, we chose family middle names after grandparents Russell and I had lost.  Evelyn was my nanny, who I lost over 15 years ago, so Colleen got her name.  The middle name for a boy was going to be Willis after Russell's grandfather that he had lost several years ago.  Well, we had to figure something out if we had another girl, and we wanted it after Russell's family, so, we used Willis Russell's wife, Ella Ruth.  That is how Cambryn Ella came to be!  Below are the pictures from the ultrasound where we found out its a girl.

Our next appointment is April 29!  I will post any new information!!!