Monday, September 6, 2010

Things Kids Say

I thought I would dedicate a small post to just a few of the cute or funny things Colleen has said lately!

We were driving the other day and traffic was horrible.  Lots of cars and one person was slowing all folks down down because they were driving so slow.  Colleen told me to go faster and I told her I could not go faster because of one of the cars in front of me.  She told me to JUMP over the cars.  I told her I could not jump over the cars, I was in daddy's truck.  She says, "Well a bicycle could jump over the cars".  I told her we were not on a bicycle and she told me again that a bicycle could jump over the cars!

Later on, she told me her feet had "sprinkles" in them...I finally figured out she was saying her foot was asleep.  I thought that was super cute.  I guess that's how her feet felt - like they had sprinkles in them!

Today it was raining and she started singing "Rain Rain go away, come again another day"!  It was pretty cute too. 

Russell went outside to mow to tall grass, so it wold not get too tall to mow after this next round of rain.  So, Colleen wanted her "tractor" (aka...her pink 4-wheeler).  So, she put her stuffed sheep on the "tractor" and gave the sheep a ride around the inside of the house.

Yesterday she told me I was a great cleaner and today she told Russell he was a great cooker because he made pancakes for her.  She ate the same amount as Russell and I did combined!  And she specifically ask for maple syrup!

She is growing up so fast these days and actually missed being at school today because she enjoys school so much.