Friday, February 17, 2012

Happiness is...

In January I said I wanted to try and blog more frequently and I also wanted to diversify my blogging topics!  So, as I work on my blogging frequency, I thought I would focus on not just posting pics and everything my girls say and do, but also thoughts that occur to me and really make one thing.  So, today is about happiness. 

Happiness is...
  • Having God in my life and loving him each and every second of the day
  • Knowing I have been blessed by God with a wonderful and amazing husband that loves me unconditionally and two beautiful, healthy daughters that also love me unconditionally
  • Waking Cambryn up (or when she wakes up on the weekends) and the first thing she does is smiles at me
  • Colleen hugging me and telling me she loves me all the time and that she loves God
  • Having a job you enjoy that is understanding of family needs
  • Feeling like you are right where you should be at chuch and not feeling like an outcast or that no one cares
  • Having friends that you can always talk to about just about anything
  • Knowing that you will go through hard times, but knowing you have others to help you through it
  • Getting stuffed with the hubby at Double Dave's for your Friday Lunch Date
  • Having no plans on the weekend except to spend it with your family
These are just a few things that make me happy, but there is so much more.  Lately I have seen people comment (on the beloved facebook) that someone just ruined their day.  And I think, how can you allow someone else to ruin your day.  Yes, things happend, but what does it do to dwell on it.  You are letting others control you and you give them power to do that.  Take your power back and know that honestly...things could be worse.  I don't want that to sound negative, but realize that no matter how bad things seem, it can get worse - but we can't let it.  Just say a prayer and understand the blessings that you have...such as waking up each day!  Use your time to help others find happiness and find the little things in life that are truly important.  I don't live in the biggest, nicest home in the best city in America or drive the biggest, most expensive car, but I have a home and a car that provide what my family needs.  Life is truly what you make it so make it good!  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!