Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cubbie of the Month

You have probably read in another post that Colleen has started AWANAs.  For those that may not know what AWANAs is, it is kid's bible study.  The kids are divided by age group and each age has it's own name and they have a book and a vest that has their lessons and projects in it.  Each week, they have a verse to memorize and a project to complete.  It is not a requirement to complete the project or memorize the verse, but the kids get points and other rewards like patches, stickers, stamps, etc when completing the tasks.  Colleen has really enjoyed AWANAs and all that it encompasses.  We were so excited to find out on Friday, that Colleen had earned the Cubbie of the Month for September and was recognized at church this week.  The following slideshow shows her vest and her getting her "award" during church.  You will also notice a few pictures of her drawing on the kitchen floor.  There was a project where the parent was to trace the child and let the child "decorate" themself.  Well, I didn't have any paper big enough, so we used the kitchen floor since we knew crayon would come right up!  Needless to say...she had a very fun time doing this one!

I am sure we will be adding pictures along the way, so enjoy!

Colleen Turns FOUR!

Well, I cannot believe my baby girl is now FOUR!!  Where did this time go!!  As you may know from previous posts and pictures, Colleen loves music, dancing, and singing!  So, what better way to celebrate her turning four than a rock-n-roll birthday!  I was able to borrow a Wii, two guitars, a drum set, and the game Rock Band for her and her friends to rock out at the party!  AND BOY oh BOY did they ever!  Colleen had 13 of her closest friends over and the house was a rockin'!  Rockin' so much at one point, we had to take the party outside!!  Check the pictures below to see all the action!!

Thanks to everyone who came and made the party so much fun for Colleen!

It's Soccer Time

Well, after much talk about dance...we ended up doing soccer instead.  It is through the YMCA and only for 3 and 4 year olds.  This has been a great experience for us and Colleen.  When Russell and I grew up in Jasper, there was NO soccer.  No little league soccer, no junior high soccer, no high school soccer - NO SOCCER at all, so we went into this with no knowledge on how to play the sport except knowing you want to kick the ball into the net and no touching the ball with your hands!  She is learning great coordination, teamwork, balance, and it is even "toughening" her up some!  She enjoys playing the goalie MOST of the time.  She has gotten better with each game.  I look forward to watching her progress in the sport!

I have a couple of slideshows from two of her games.  The first slideshow is from the first game on September 25, 2010.

The next slideshow is from her most recent game on October 16, 2010.

Stay tuned for more game updates!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well, Hello There...Again

So, it has been over a month since I posted and I had to make a list as to what all I should post on!  I have so much information, I will break it down into several posts.  I will start off with the whole "kids say the darndest thing" piece with funny things that come out of Colleen's mouth!

Colleen has started saying "Mommy (or Daddy), you crack me up!" and breaks out in laughter!

I started Colleen on a multi-vitamin a couple of weeks ago and I told her she would get big and strong from taking them.  She ate the first one, immediately looked over her body, then looked up at me and says "Mommy, am I bigger yet?"  So cute and so sweet!  She now asks me most days if she is bigger yet and I tell her she grows a little bit each day! 

Since she is getting bigger, she is changing clothes sizes.  Being four now...she is not only in 4T clothes, but just plain size 4!  This becomes nice because usually that means they make jeans and pants in SLIM sizes so they fit my SLIM girl, but are also longer than the regular 4T for my tall girl!  Plus, when you venture out of toddler sizes, your selection of clothes becomes much bigger and it is much more fun when shopping for her!  Sometimes there are too many options to pick from though!!

She is involved in AWANAs at our church and one of the recent projects involved using some baby pictures.  I found one picture where she is just a few months old laying on her tummy on a black cloth with a black backdrop.  She looked at it and said "Look mommy, I was flying in space as a baby!"

Also, with her and our involvement with church, it has made Colleen want to be more like mom!  For her birthday, she specifically asked for a bible just like mom...but pink!  Needless to say, she got her wish!

Since turning four on October 2, she has decreased saying MOMMY and says MOM more and more!  I am NOT happy with that and want my baby that says MOMMY back!

This past Friday, she had her 4-year old check-up.  If you have friends with children, you may have heard that the 4-year check-up is a horrible experience and boy are they right.  It started out great with a hearing and vision test...then came the needles - FOUR of them!  It took three of us holding down our little 35 lbs girl to give her these shots and the entire time, she is yelling "MOMMY, DON'T LET THEM POKE ME"!!!  It was brutal, not only for Colleen, but also for mommy.  I almost started crying with her!!  But, she is doing great.  She is holding to her 75% on height and 50% on weight. 

Well, cutting it off for now!  I hope to be back tomorrow for the next update!