Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vacation Bible School, Father's Day, and Summer Begins!

WOW!  Guess I need to learn to get a little better with this blogging thing!  Well, it's been a while since I have blogged and we have been busy.  So, today is catch up day!

First thing to report on is Colleen's first experience at Vacation Bible School.  Colleen had a great time singing, dancing, crafting, meeting new friends, and most importantly - learing about God.  She talked about VBS for several days after it was over and even told us how happy she was because she loved God.  Others enjoyed Colleen too - such as the preacher and his wife.  On the Sunday afterwards, they told us how much fun it was watching her dance and enjoy VBS and the final program!  Below is a slide show of pictues taken at VBS and some videos from the final program.  Enjoy

Next up was Father's Day.  Colleen's school did a Father's Day program and it was great!  You can see from the videos that Colleen started off a little shy, but once she knew momma and daddy were there - she was good to go!  We have learned that she can multi-talk with ease...not only was she singing, but she was helping her friends find their mom and dads too!!

Lastly for Colleen is that Summer is well under way and she is definitely enoying it all. We (well Russell actually!) finally have gotten the swimming pool clean and usable (Fall and Winter did a doozie on it)! Colleen could not wait to get in the water; however, once she got in the took her a little while to adjust - BUT NOT LONG! She started off swimming slowly across the pool, but has gotten pretty quick and now jumps, rolls, and anything else she can figure out. On the jumping, she started jumping from three steps down, then two steps down, and the last time we were in the pool, she was jumping off the top step and has even done belly flops! Too bad it hasn't stopped raining to go back in!  Enjoy the slideshows and videos of our start to Summer 2010!

As you can see, the first swim was a little slow...she just needed a warm up though!  This was the last time it was that slow!

Hey mom...Look what I can do - CIRCLES!!  Silly girl

Let the jumping begin!  Started off on 3rd from the top and worked our way up.

Getting a little braver!!


SUPER BRAVE!!  I couldn't tell you how many times she did this!  Too bad it's rained almost every day since this to do it more!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the show!  I hope to be better about updating this thing next time!